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Almighty God,

We come before You today with the words of your prophet Jeremiah ringing in our ears. In Jeremiah 21, You spoke to your people through the prophet, reminding them of the covenant You established and the importance of following Your ways.

Lord, we confess that we, like the people of Judah, often stray from Your path. We forget Your promises and neglect Your commandments. Forgive us for our disobedience and harden our hearts to Your will.

Just as You spoke to King Zedekiah through Jeremiah, we plead with You for guidance. Show us the way forward, even when it seems difficult or unclear. Grant us the wisdom to discern Your will and the courage to follow it.

Like the city of Jerusalem, we are not immune to hardship. We face challenges in our own lives and in our community. But we draw strength from Your promise: "If you return to me and keep my decrees and live according to them, I will establish you in this land, a land I swore to give to your fathers for all time" (Jeremiah 35:15).

We place our hope in You, Lord. Deliver us from our troubles and guide us back to your loving embrace.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

May God bless you and watch over you.

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